Online Platform Development

We design and develop tech platforms based on iterative user-centered design thinking, accessibility and sustainability

Saraswati believes technological innovation offers transformative tools to improve business processes and social impact. This can only be valid if we put users as the heart of our platform development and understand the on-the-ground challenges they face on a daily basis.
As such, our approach to online platform development starts with people and problems. We conduct intensive stakeholder research and adopt design thinking methods in our ideation. We bring divergent thinkers including tech, data, and design experts to explore what is feasible and relevant given the context in question. 

Our development process is iterative, with an emphasis on the unique needs of platform users. Throughout, we also consider accessibility and ensure that our online platforms address the needs of users with disability. 

We have engaged in this way with numerous partners, from CSOs and community members of the USAID funded MADANI information and knowledge hub (iHub) for civil society capacity building to the DFAT funded AIPJ2 Knowledge Hub for Justice

In addition, Saraswati constantly challenges our partners and stakeholders to envision beyond platform development by promoting local ownership of online platforms to ensure sustainability.

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