Partnerships Brokering

We promote cross-sector collaboration in support of sustainable development innovation

Saraswati actively explores non-traditional development partnerships. We have partnered with Indonesia’s leading start-up incubators, social enterprise networks and mentors, data journalists and data scientists, and co-design specialists. 
This approach and these partnerships are reflected in our own online platform for development innovation, DEVI. DEVI is a matchmaking platform that connects various innovation actors working for better social impact. DEVI facilitates access to information on key institutions and individuals, highlighting their areas of work and interests.

While we maintain a pool of interesting potential partners, we believe that effective collaborations should be pursued by the partners themselves. Much like dating, collaboration results from pull factors (attraction/incentive) and push factors (competition). Our approach to networking and encouraging collaboration includes Speed Dating. Through this format, we support organizations to strengthen their pitching and then we facilitate participants to meet each other in 5-minute “dates” to introduce themselves, their work, and collaboration opportunities they are seeking. Saraswati has held DEVI Speed Dates on various themes, including inclusive employment and data for women’s empowerment, and in collaboration with the Indonesia Development Forum, the Knowledge Sector Initiative, KOMPAK & Bappenas, and Tempo Media Week. 

We have also designed and implemented tailored partnership and affiiliation development strategies including refining internal procedures, workshopping senior management and conducting industry surveys for leading international and Indonesian organizations.

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“The Speed Date provided me with the opportunity to meet local organizations I had never met and to learn about their incredible work empowering women at the community level in Indonesia. We also had the chance to explore potential opportunities for collaboration.”

Leah Taub (VIAMO)